Linda McMahon Responds To Negative Attacks


Linda McMahon has turned the tables on recent attacks on her due to her WWE ties. Susan Bysiewicz, who is running for the same Senate seat on the Democrat side, gave a speech last week saying, “I’ll be damned if I let someone who sells sex and violence and pornography for a living be our next United States Senator. We have to send the right woman to Washington.”

In response, Linda’s campaign pointed out a bunch of evidence showing that Bysiewicz strongly endorsed McMahon in the past and worked directly with WWE and its superstars when she was Secretary of State. Bysiewicz worked with Linda on the SmackDown Your Vote campaign and spoke at high schools alongside WWE talent; she had also endorsed McMahon when she was running for the Connecticut Board of Education.

Linda’s strategy is said to be reaching out to female votes, including holding daily women-only meetings across the state.

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