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Live Coverage of TNA Impact – 1/5/2016


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We open with a video package of Eddie Edwards TNA title reign including the controversial ending to his match with EC3 and the match with Lashley at Total Nonstop Deletion.

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring to a very good reaction from the crowd. He says he’s honored and humbled to usher in the new year as the champion. He says let’s make 2017 the year of Impact Wrestling. He also says he has a surprise for the Wolves Nation.

He’s interrupted by Lashley who comes out to boos. He says he’s tired of playing with Eddie. He says 2017 is gonna be the year “of me”. He gonna be handing out ass whoopings. He demands a rematch here tonight. He’s tired of getting screwed over and he’s tired of Eddie getting these flunky wins.

EC3 joins them to a very good reaction as well. He points out the Anthem Entertainment logo and gives a thumbs up. A loud EC3 chant starts. He says he’s feeling a fight ready to start. Eddie Edwards suggests a triple threat match since both EC3 and Lashley want a title shot. Edwards reminds everyone he still has a surprise tonight.

GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Moose (c) vs Miracle Mike Bennett

Both wrestlers make their entrances. Moose’s response from the crowd wasn’t very stellar. Moose knocks Bennett down with a shoulder block. After feeling each other out, Moose goes for the Game Change but Bennett counters with a super kick to the knee and then one to the head. Moose turns the table with a jumping shoulder block. Moose tried a spear but Bennett caught him with a knee. Bennett grounded him with punches and a chin lock for the rest of the round. Round 1 goes to Mike Bennett. 29-28

Round 2 opens with Moose going for a roll up and then lifts Bennett up for a powerbomb. He delivers another powerbomb and a back splash. He goes to the ropes and hits a moonsault. Bennett counters the Game Changer again with a super kick. Moose went for a leaping shoulderblock but Bennett countered with a Cutter. Bennett gives Moose his own version of the Game Changer three straight times. He gets him on his shoulders but Moose fights off and hits the Game Changer. He goes for the cover but the bell rang before the count. Round 2 goes to Moose. 29-28

Round 3 starts with Moose hitting a splash in the corner followed by Go To Hell. Bennett kicks out at 2 1/2. Moose runs to the top rope and misses a moonsault. Bennett hits a piledriver for 2. They exchange punches at the halfway point of the round. Bennett hits several forearms and goes against the ropes. Moose with a big boot. He charges and Bennett hits gets his feet up. Bennett goes to the second rope. Moose hits a dropkick. Bennett comes off the ropes with a flying kick. Bennett gets up and Moose drops him with a clothesline. Time expires. Round 3 goes to Moose. 29-28. He wins by split decision.

Rockstar Spud comes out and calls out Hornswaggle. He says 2016 was a bad year but 2017 will be his year.

Spud vs Swoggle?

The crowd is behind Swoggle. Spud teases him about his size and pushes him down. Swoggle hits a spear followed by a german suplex. He hits the Celtic Cross for the win. Thank goodness that’s over.

Spud gets back on the mic and yells No. The crowd responds with Yes. He says he hates all the people. He lost a one year old boy and a man that looks like a one year old boy. He says this company sucks and yells, I Quit.

Backstage, Bennett gets in Moose’s face. He challenges Moose to an Anything Goes match for tomorrow night’s One Night Only Live PPV.

Backstage, Eli Drake is holding cards with writing on them saying he speaks next. Then hits the “Dummy Yeah!” button.

Fact of Life Segment with Eli Drake and the Broken Hardys

Eli Drake is in the ring. The crowd chants DELETE. He asks the crowd if they missed him and says of course they did because the sound of his voice is a hit. This is the show that makes history. This is show that sets trends. Personal note to EC3, it’s not over. It’s gonna go on forever. He calls out tonight’s guests, The Broken Hardys.

The Broken Hardys make their way to the ring with Reby playing their theme on the piano. Matt Hardy says it’s time to make TNA Delightful again. Give up for Queen Rebecca and All Hail King Maxell. The crowd is going nuts with DELETE chants. Eli Drake praises Total Nonstop Deletion and says it was missing E Li Drake and asks where was his invite. Matt Hardy says he had an invite. Maybe he was afraid like Meek Mahan’s Day of New. Maybe he’s just a loud mouth radscallion like Bucks of Youth. Talk the trash and not show.

Eli Drake says he needs personal invitation. He continues to rip Nonstop Deletion and says there’s only one deity to worry about and that’s E Li Drake. He says the Hardys were afraid he would take Total Nonstop Deletion and turn it into Total Nonstop “Dummy Yeah!” as he hits the button. After some back and forth banter, Eli Drake challenges them to a tag team title match. The Hardys vs Eli Drake and a partner of his choosing at tomorrow’s PPV.

Eli Drake tries to get a cheap shot it doesn’t work as Eli backs off and the Hardys make their exit.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards answers the question of why he would put the title on the line. He says he wants to kick this new year off right and have the triple threat. When asked about the surprise, he gets ready to answer before Lashley interrupts and gives him an option. Give him the title or he’ll take it from him.

Tag Team Match: Helms Dynasty vs Decay

Decay makes their way to the ring with new theme music. I wonder if Corgan being gone has anything to do with them not having Marilyn Manson’s song anymore?

Decay immediately attacks Trevor and Everett. Lee and Everett turn the tables and knock Abyss out of the ring. Some double team maneuvers and Crazzy Steve is down. Helms Dynasty controls things. Steve finally escapes and makes the tag to Abyss who clears house. He goes for a double chokeslam but they escape. They try a double clothesline but Abyss runs through and clotheslines them both down. Helms is in the ring and tries to chokeslam Abyss. Rosemary spits mist into the face of Helms. Abyss with a super chokeslam to Andrew Everett for the pin.

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