Live Notes & News From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Credit: Jay Gunn and

There isn’t really much to talk about; it was pretty uneventful. Only about two sections on the hard camera were tarped off, the rest of the arena was about 95% full.

Lots of “who dat” chants since the Saints were playing on Monday Night Football.

A lot of pops for Wrestlemania 30 promos on the Titantron – New Orleans is a short drive from Biloxi.

Every time John Cena was shown in a video package or commercial there were a LOT of boos.

Biggest pops:

1. CM Punk (by far)

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Rob Van Dam (Superstars)

4. Jerry Lawler

5. Dusty Rhodes

Most heat:

1. Paul Heyman (really the entire Ryback proposal segment)

2. Triple H & Stephanie

3. Orton

4. Damien Sandow

5. Cena

It was a fun show live but just a so-so Raw with only one really good match (six-man tag). I was disappointed to not see the Primetime Players or AJ.

Also, the merchandise booths were pretty pitiful. They probably had only about 10 different shirts. I know a lot of folks were disappointed in the selection.

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