Madcap Moss Reveals What He’s Learned From Paul Heyman, Similarities To Batista


WWE Superstar Madcap Moss appeared on NBC Sports Boston’s “The Ten Count” podcast to discuss some of the similarities between himself and Batista, what he’s learned from Paul Heyman, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his similarities with Batista: “That is a goal of mine. When you look at a guy like Batista, I think there are a lot of similarities. I want to humbly point out those similarities because I think he’s one of the best ever and of course I would take the career he had in a heartbeat. He’s an absolute legend, everything he’s been able to do. When you look at those types of guys that have been able to carry the company in that top spot and be in the main event, that is something I think I can do and the way you look at how those guys stood out, they did everything well. It wasn’t just one thing and, that’s something I can really focus on is just all the little things and all those little things add up to being the big thing.”

On what he’s learned from Paul Heyman: “Something Paul Heyman has pointed out to me, and I take great pride in and make sure I do as best I can every time I get the chance is, I hit the ropes at 100 miles per hour. It’s something you can go through the motions, shuffle over to the rope, and bounce off and get a little spring, or you can run as fast as you can and try to run through the ropes and have faith they are not going to break and they are going to launch you off even faster the other way. That’s one example of a little thing. The main thing, if I can summarize what’s really important, is the connection with the WWE Universe. The way you get that connection is to be authentic. No matter what you do, what you’re saying and how you do it, you just have to be authentic. That’s something I will continue to strive to do, that’s something that’s coming to me more and more as I’ve gotten more comfortable in my role as Madcap and it’s something I can see in other people as well.”

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