Madusa: Mandy Rose Knew She Was “Pushing It” With Her Online Content


The buzz of the wrestling world is with Mandy Rose this week, as the fallout continues from her abrupt departure from WWE. Rose’s release was a shock to many. WWE defended their move by stating that they were left in a difficult position with the online content Mandy Rose had posted. WWE Hall of Famer Madusa seems to agree with that sentiment.

Speaking on the Cafe de Rene podcast, the former Alundra Blayze became the latest to add their voice to the conversation around Mandy Rose. She claims that contract details are between the company and the performer. Madusa stated:


If you’re a talent and you’re under contract, only you and your lawyer in that contract and the person that you’re in contract with know what that is. So, you know what’s right or wrong. You know, you’re just pushing it to certain extent. You know what you’re dealing with. So it doesn’t matter what she chose to do, if it’s pictures, videos, whatever, was it okay in her contract to do? I don’t know that, you don’t know that, unless she puts it out herself, makes a statement, everybody can talk the way they want.

“I support whatever was in that contract. That’s the legal. And if you wanna push the envelope to see what you get by with, then shame on you, right? I’m not saying it was her or her fault, I’m just saying people in general. If you want a chance, unless she wanted out of her contract and was doing it on purpose and then she got out, well then okay, she got what she wanted. But if not and if there’s some stuff in there, which we’ll never know unless she makes it public, then, you know, that’s her business.”

The former NXT Women’s Champion was defeated by Roxanne Perez on this week’s NXT prior to her release. She held the NXT Women’s title for 413 days.

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