Madusa Talks Possibly Returning For A Run In WWE Or AEW


WWE Hall of Famer Madusa spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about a wide range of topics. 

During it, she was asked about one more possible run, which all comes down to trust for her. 

“I mean, respect to all of them. But my honest thought would be, I would definitely want to have an angle with somebody that could carry the match. You know what I’m saying? I need somebody that could carry the match, I need somebody that could lead, I need somebody that would take care of my body. With all of that comes trust and that’s a heavy responsibility,” Madusa admitted. “So, if I’m in the ring and I fall down and bump my head and I can’t remember what the next move is, I want to make sure that this person is able to carry out the rest of the match, right? And vice-versa. There’s several people out there I feel that could do that, that I would feel very comfortable out there doing that with.”

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