Major Backstage Update On Kurt Angle Jumping Ship To WWE – What Does He Think Can Happen?


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

UPDATE: Mark Madden recently interviewed TNA wrestler Kurt
Angle on 105.9 the X. Angle promoted TNA’s upcoming event in Washington,
Pennsylvania set for August 16.

During the interview, Angle was asked about his current relationship with WWE
and if he could still return at some point. Angle commented:

“I think [the door] is always open. I’m really not allowed to talk
to anybody, due to my contract, but it’s always an open door. It’s about what
you can give, what they want from you, and what you want from them. At the end
of the day, it really comes down to how much they want to use me, and how much I
want to be used.”

Angle also discussed that he can no longer work a full-time schedule for the
WWE and said, “Wherever I end up it’s going to be part time.”
In addition, he thinks he could work about eight days a month, but his schedule
could be as low as one or two days of work a month. Angle’s current deal with
TNA has him reportedly working for 40 dates out of the year.

Madden apparently learned from sources that Kurt Angle did speak with Triple
H about a potential WWE return, but the company is not interested in bringing
Angle back at the moment. Later, Angle tried dealing with Vince McMahon instead,
but McMahon deferred to Triple H as the man behind the decision.

According to a source, Triple H was not happy that Angle tried to go over his
head and go through McMahon for the deal. The news of WWE not being interested
in Angle right now is consistent with an earlier report, which said that WWE
“hasn’t shown much interest” in an Angle return.

ORIGINAL: According to one source, Kurt Angle is trying to
pitch a deal to WWE that would see him return to the company on a limited basis,
working a deal similar to the one Shawn Michaels worked in his final run with
the company. The deal would see Angle work the bigger shows and limited

WWE has reportedly shown little interest in having Angle return as an in-ring
performer. Additionally, it’s said to be common knowledge within WWE that Vince
McMahon is hesitant on having Angle on his roster given his past substance abuse
problems, as an Olympic gold medalist tragically passing away while part of his
company would result in a ton of negative media attention, among other

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