Major SD Script Rewrites + Is CM Punk Really Returning?


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The SmackDown script was rewritten over the day yesterday and wasn’t finalized until about two hours before the show began taping. The same thing happened at RAW on Monday.

— It was revealed during Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings that WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn’s secret admirer will be showing up in person on Monday’s RAW to reveal himself.

— CM Punk will return at the Payback PPV. It’s not a storyline tease that doesn’t pay off, as he will be back on the road starting then. There was talk several weeks ago of having Punk turn on Heyman for setting up the Payback match without his approval. Punk would then go on to face both of Paul Heyman’s clients – Axel at Money in the Bank and Lesnar at SummerSlam. Obviously, that would turn CM Punk babyface and he’ll already be getting a babyface reaction in Chicago so it makes sense. We’ll see in the coming weeks.

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