Major Spoof At RAW Last Night, Candice Michelle Giving Birth


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer


— As you may have guessed, the segments shot between Kane and Daniel Bryan at the diner was a spoof of the movie When Harry Met Sally. Almost everyone in WWE is a fan of the storyline and segments. One of the biggest supporters is Vince McMahon, who loves the comedy segments each week.

— WWE announced during a commercial on RAW that Santino Marella will face Heath Slater on this week’s episode of Saturday Morning Slam on The CW. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz will commentate the match ringside. The program will also highlight the cockiest Superstars in WWE history, with Cody Rhodes adding insight.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle stated on Twitter Monday that she is due to give birth in less than a month: “Less than a month for this baby to arrive! Already having contractions and pressure!… Oh and back killing me! Getting excited and nervous.”

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