Major Update – Jeff Jarrett’s Rumored Promotion + More


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— We reported late Wednesday night here on the website that Jeff Jarrett was hinting at a Tuesday night wrestling series on TV. In an update on this, Jarrett’s talk of the Tuesday night TV series during an appearance in Nashville last week had his words taken out of context. He actually meant wrestling being storytelling and the story could translate on any night of the week, and Tuesday was just an example. But the stories need to be told outside of just one specific night.

Jarrett has reportedly been traveling extensively in recent weeks to set up production, merchandise, talent, and international relations with other promotions. Jarrett is said to be close to making an official announcement and he will be doing a photo shoot for a “major production company” which will lead into the announcement on the promotion. Originally, nothing was supposed to be announced prior to April, but that might not be the case any longer. Toby Keith is believed to have been involved in helping Jarrett set up investors and opening doors for certain deals. In addition, former TNA production head Kevin Sullivan is also involved with Jarrett on the project.

— Below is a new trailer and sizzle reel for a new sci-fi/comedy project featuring former WWE Superstar Paul London that was created by London and his brother, Geekscape’s Jonathan London, entitled Paul London: Hero of the Prophecy. London plays a version of himself.

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