Major Update – The Del Rio/Drew McIntyre Fight, More


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UPDATE: Here is the latest on Alberto Del Rio. The story is that on late Saturday night, Del Rio was at an Irish pub near the WWE hotel. Del Rio reportedly got into a physical altercation with several patrons following a verbal exchange, which led to Del Rio’s friends stepping in.

When Del Rio returned to the WWE hotel early Sunday morning, he was trying to hide his face due to having two black eyes. Drew McIntyre was with him, and was one of the friends that stepped in to help Del Rio in the altercation. McIntyre was also a little banged up, with two knots on the side of his head.

ORIGINAL: We are still trying to get more details but you know by now that Alberto Del Rio was sporting a black eye for his match with Christian at SummerSlam on Sunday night. The black eye was explained during the show as the result of Christian hitting Del Rio with the Killswitch on SmackDown, but reports claim that the actual reason was a fight between Del Rio and Drew McIntyre sometime over the weekend. Again, the fight happened either late Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Specifics on the fight are not yet known, though it is noted that the fight caused “noticeable physical damage to both men” and they were both beat up after returning to their hotels rooms. Others were said to have been involved as well. Stay tuned for more.

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