Major Update: WWE WrestleMania 30 Plans Leaked + Party


UPDATE x 2: writer Matt Boone has published an entertaining editorial taking a look at all of the following matches rumored for WrestleMania XXX. You can check that out by clicking here.

UPDATE: WWE is hosting a free WrestleMania 30 pre-sale party outside of the Superdome in New Orleans on November 15th. Fans in attendance can buy tickets for the show then, with the tickets officially going on sale on the 16th.

You can read more about the party here.

ORIGINAL: With WrestleMania XXX only five months away, WWE officials are working on the card for the pay-per-view event. However, much of the card will hinge on whether agreements with inactive individuals can be made, such as former World Heavyweight Champions Goldberg and Sting. Here is the proposed card for the event.

* A match pitting Triple H against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for control of WWE, with Austin representing Vince McMahon, is not expected to occur.

* WWE officials want to secure Sting, whose contract with TNA Wrestling is set to expire, for the event and have him face The Undertaker. The fallback plan is Undertaker facing Brock Lesnar as originally scheduled.

* WWE officials are very interested in securing Goldberg for the show and having him face Ryback. If a deal falls through, Ryback will instead face Big Show. However, if WWE is able to secure Goldberg, Ryback will then face The Big Show at Elimination Chamber.

* CM Punk facing Randy Orton is currently planned for the event. Punk had been planned to win the 30-Man Royal Rumble to receive the accompanying World Title shot, but current talk has the winner facing the holder of the World Heavyweight Championship.

* While Shawn Michaels has denied the possibility of wrestling again, there are people within WWE who wholeheartedly believe that he will face Daniel Bryan on the show.

* Goldust is scheduled to turn on Cody Rhodes, leading to the match both have requested for years. Company officials are pleased with Goldust’s work since returning to the promotion a few weeks ago: he’s exceeded all expectations.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Triple H vs. Big Show feud will not culminate at the event. A match between both individuals is scheduled to occur between December and February at Elimination Chamber.

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