Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis Posts a New Photo at 12-Week Pregnant


Maria Kanellis posted the following photo to her Instagram account, showing herself at 12 weeks pregnant:

“Hey! We made it to 12 Weeks Pregnant!! Have fun with that math! So, lately it has been tough to post. I’ve been super nauseous and throwing up is my new routine because of morning sickness. Actually, the best I feel is when I get that boost of adrenaline when performing. Most days I’m eating 6 meals a day just trying to feel okay for my toddler. I’m also more emotional and showing sooner. My armpit is weird, AGAIN! I’ve gained more weight than I wanted to but it’s not about the weight. It’s about health. This pregnancy is tougher so far hopefully it will lighten up next week. Today, I am at the gym for the first time in a week and I feel pretty good but getting my butt out of bed was not fun. Thank goodness for my team (mom, mother-in-law, and fuzzband) or everything would start falling apart. I’m glad I still can do a job I love. Make a statement. Make a difference. And show my daughter to follow her dreams, all of them, with no shame, no fear, and with passion!! @wwe #205live”

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