Martha Hart-WWE Lawsuit Update, Triple H Media, & More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Triple H was heavily mentioned in mainstream media for his appearance at Floyd Mayweather’s fight. A ton of media outlets were covering Justin Bieber’s appearance.

— Tommy Dreamer posted his latest column at the Whig-Standard, which discusses Junior Seau’s suicide. You can read it at

— Martha Hart filed an updated lawsuit against Vince and Linda McMahon and WWE in the ongoing battle over WWE’s usage of Owen Hart’s name and likeness. The new claims include:

*Owen’s name would have reverted back to his strictly his usage after his passing.

*That Owen’s legal name is not a “ring name” and therefore WWE does not have the rights to use, market and promote that name in their materials and DVD releases.

*That WWE released eight DVDs and other items (including the WWE Encylopedia) without proper payments to Owen Hart’s estate per his contract with Titan Sports, which required that royalty payments continue after his death.

*WWE used original intellectual property such as family photos without the estate’s permission.

*That the Owen Hart Foundation has been hurt its unwanted association with WWE through their usage of Owen Hart video and material.

Linda McMahon filed a motion on May 2nd asking for more time to respond to the updated complaint. There was a settlement conference on the 4th via telephone to try and settle out of court. No word on how that went. A court date for a potential settlement was set for this September.

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