Marty Scurll Discusses Replacing Adam Cole In Bullet Club, His Character, More


Marty Scurll recently spoke to Wrestling Compadres about various topics. Here are the highlights: 

On replacing Adam Cole in the Bullet Club:

“When I came to Ring of Honor. I’m really close friends with the Young Bucks and have been really hanging out with them a lot, it just seemed like a natural fit,” he said. “The reason why I believe we get along is because we share the same kind of love for professional wrestling; we have the same kind of mindset. We want to make wrestling fun; we want to push the boundaries; we want to build this company; we don’t just want to do a Ring Of Honor pay-per-view and put on great matches because every wrestling promotion in the world has matches. When I joined the Bullet Club, they would just be me doing a Tweet and say that I joined the Bullet Club, but we were like, no, we wanted it to be a big deal that I joined the Bullet Club, and make Bullet Club a number one worldwide trend, so,in our minds that is exactly what we are doing.”

On standing out with his character:

“I think you just have to label stuff for what they are. What is he? He’s a villain. I always thought my best way to stand out above anyone else was to be different and do something different, and I always liked playing a guy that goes out there and be a villain; especially with companies like ROH, New Japan and PWG; the action is so fast and furious and there’s so many guys; guys like Osprey, who is very impressive in the ring, I ask myself how I can stand out? They’re all doing 450 splashes so I asked myself if I should do 950 splashes, or just become a character? So, really that’s my approach to wrestling, which is to be different.

“The fact that I’m British, he continued, “which I play to that as one of my strengths, but people here, if I say a funny word, they’ll say that it was hilarious what I said, but that’s just me being me, so even that, being confused by my real name and all, but overall, I’m just having a good time with the moniker and playing that role; it’s not so much a role, but me going out there and being me and being hated for being me.”

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