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Marty Scurll Speaks On The WWE UK Tournament, PWG, More


Marty Scurll recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio to discuss various topics. Here are the highlights.

On the WWE UK tournament to crown the first UK Champion:

I think it was certainly an obvious choice for the WWE to do such a thing. The British wrestling scene has been kicking ass for many years thanks to people like myself, Zack Sabre Jr., and Will Osprey. It just makes financial sense for them to do that especially with their network. I think it’s a great concept. Everyone has been tweeting me to see if I was going to be in their tournament. Obviously, I am in ROH so I’m not going to be in the tournament. Then I see tweets saying it’s a shame that they can’t watch Marty on the WWE UK show tournament. Then I tell them that I am on ROH so watch that. Watch me wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world. It makes sense to me since the UK scene has been doing so well. With the shows drawing such a huge audience and attendance. In 2017, so much is going to change in the wrestling industry, and I feel like a lot of it is starting here. WWE UK thing is happening, wrestling is returning to ITV. For those in America, ITV is the biggest channel in the UK and they are getting wrestling on that station on New Year’s Eve. Some guys are going this way, some are going that way. Guys like Will Osprey and myself going to ROH, everything is changing and I think 2017 is going to be an exciting year where a lot of people are going to make a lot of money. It’s going to be a hard year on the promoters, but in terms of the tournament, it’s a great opportunity for the UK guys that for years had no way to get spotted or a light shinned on them. Ten years ago, back when I was wrestling, it was hard to get someone to cover you for a local show, but here I am today being interviewed by you guys, and now these guys are getting a chance to wrestle on the network. I got a handful of friends on there like Pete Dunne and Trent Seven and I am excited to see them on it. I think they will do the country proud in what they do.

On winning the PWG Battle of Los Angeles and where it ranks on his achievements list:

It was one of those things where it was the best and worst weekends ever. Obviously, I feel like this generation of independent wrestlers are very underrated. Not that people wouldn’t credit us as real workers, but I feel like our work is the best in the world. You look at someone who wrestles for WWE or New Japan, or AAA, they are working heavy schedules. For the most part, they are wrestling on tour with the same people so they are going to have great matches. As an Indy wrestler like me, I am traveling all over the world. Last weekend, on Friday night I flew out to LA and fought Zack Sabre Jr. in the main event for a forty-minute match. Then I flew out of LA to Dublin for a changeover, flew over to Iceland, then to drive to Belfast to wrestle in the main event, thirty-minute match with King Ricochet and I’m expected to have a five-star classic you know what I mean? That’s just a normal weekend for me. That’s just two shows, sometimes its three, sometimes its four. I’m expected to travel to all these places and most of the times its places I have never even been to before, never wrestled before, and wrestle a guy I never have worked with before. Sometimes they may not even speak the same language and you are expected to go out there and have an absolute classic. That for me is the art of the independent wrestler and the starving artist. That is how for me, I get that creative satisfaction. The point is, with PWG, every time you go out there, you can have a five start match, that’s the point of the promotion. Heck six stars if you can. While I am in Los Angeles, I am from the UK, so the reason I carry an umbrella all the time is because the weather is bloody miserable all the time. I am used to the cold, but LA with that heat I am not used to. Being in that heat, then being told on the final day, to wrestle three matches that need to be five star matches, after one of those matches I feel like death warmed up. To wrestle three in one day is pretty horrendous. Obviously, in any other normal circumstance, if I was to have to do the equivalent of a CrossFit like circuit of matches, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Because I was on such a buzz and such a high, being on something like Battle for Los Angeles, helped get me through it. The reason why the tournament was so important to me, was because PWG gave me that break in America. Other people had given me chances to wrestle in the states before, but PWG really gave me that platform and freedom to go out there and be me. To put on the type of matches I wanted to do and take away limits. How I envisioned it in my head, they let me do it with no questions asked. PWG to me already has a massive place in my heart. Then of course the tournament, for being such a huge one. No lies about it, it’s the 24 best wrestlers in the world and there are matches that happen at PWG that couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world. It really is such a special company and holds a place in so many peoples’ hearts. I have it in my contract that I am exclusive in America to ROH, but I made sure I could still wrestle for PWG. That’s how important it is to me and a few other guys it is very similar. There are matches that happen there that couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world. The 24 best independent wrestlers in the world coming together. Cody Rhodes, and I said this in my speech afterwards, was in WWE, Intercontinental Champion, done WrestleMania, I’m sure made a lot of money, he left WWE because he wanted to wrestle in this tournament. That’s how big the tournament is. Guys like Justin Liger, Chris Hero, Zack Sabre Jr., King Ricochet, all these guys are just insane performers. Then they come out and it’s almost like, okay great, maybe I’m finally starting to get appreciated after all these years of hard work I’m not trying to sound too cliché, but it’s almost like a reward for all the hard work that I put in. It was nice to be kind of given the nod and have people say that Marty Scurll is pretty damn good. They have given me that light to light the flame and run with it to take over the wrestling world. For me, it’s certainly one of the biggest accomplishments in my career for the many reasons given and who knows? Maybe I can wrestle in Battle for Los Angeles 2017 and battle that Los Angeles heat again.

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