Matt Cardona Calls GCW The Third Biggest Promotion In The United States


Matt Cardona, in a recent live interview and Q&A session with Dominic Deangelo of AdFreeShows, touched on a variety of topics, including GameChanger Wrestling (GCW).

A viewer asked Cardona the following question: “I loved your run in GCW and how much of a negative response you were able to elicit from that audience. Can you talk a little bit about how and why you made the decision to work with GCW?”


Discussing the topic at length, Cardona stated that GCW is the third biggest wrestling promotion in the United States and likened it to ECW, citing its diversity in matches. He said,

“I think GCW is the No. 3 promotion in the United States. I think it’s hard to argue that. It’s definitely much like ECW. You sit through a GCW show, it has f—ing everything. You’re gonna like something.”

When asked about his future plans in the promotion, Cardona simply stated,

“I want to be the GCW Champion again.”

In regard to how often he will be wrestling for GCW, he joked,

“I’m not gonna do all their shows because [GCW owner] Brett [Lauderdale] pays me like s—t, but I will do enough of them to keep that buzz going.”

As for Matt Cardona’s next appearance with GameChanger Wrestling, the former ‘Deathmatch King’ is set to face Homicide at GCW ‘Eye For An Eye’ in New York City on March 17.

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