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Matt Hardy Sounds Off On Coronavirus Pandemic

Matt Hardy Says He Wants To End His Career Alongside His Brother Jeff


Matt Hardy did his first-ever AMA Twitch stream last night. In the stream, Hardy revealed both how he wants to end his career, and what is the one thing he wants to do in AEW that he hasn’t yet. Hardy’s answer to the former was as follows:

“The gimmick I’d like to end my career on [is], teaming with my brother [Jeff Hardy], as the Hardy Boys. Real life Matt, and Real life Jeff, doing our thing. To go out the way you came in is super cool… I would love Jeff to come to AEW, a proper feud with the Hardy Boys vs the Young Bucks would be amazing.”

Following up on this he would then answer the second question, revealing that the one thing he wants to do in AEW is a Blood and Guts match. Hardy had this to say on the stipulation:

“At AEW, I’d like to do a Blood and Guts match. That’s the one thing I’ve never done, and I’d like to do that. I was supposed to be in the first Blood and Guts match, but Covid happened.”

The match Hardy is referring to was set to be the team of “Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson vs The Inner Circle. As Hardy said the match was ultimately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check out the full Twitch stream below. And, credit to Andy Nemmity of Wrestle Joy for transcribing the quotes used.

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It may be some time before a potential reunion could happen, as news of Jeff Hardy’s contract length emerged last month. Read about that here.

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

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