Melina Discusses Adjusting to NWA Powerrr Studio Show


Melina spoke in an interview with Fightful about working for the NWA and adjusting to a studio show like Powerrr. 

Here is what she had to say: 

“Oh, my goodness, it is different because the one side of fans…when I hear them say stuff and I want to react or say anything to them, I can’t turn away from hard cam. So, it’s an adjustment, but it’s something because I’m used to doing stuff on TV that I’m aware of. “No, Melina, you can’t do that. You gotta make sure the people at home can watch everything, but that the fans behind us know… You know the fans. since they grew up with wrestling and they know everything, they understand that, “Oh, they can’t look at us because the cameras over there.” They’re very forgiving and understanding. So, I know that and appreciate that. But, I can’t help, part of my heart is like “But I want to look at you guys I want to face you and have you see my facial reactions.”

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