Melina Reveals If She’s Okay with Not Returning to WWE


As we’ve noted, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina was recently a guest on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, “Chasing Glory,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Melina discussed not having much time left in the ring, not being able to do all the things the younger talents can today, and if she’s okay not returning to WWE.

Here are the highlights:

Not having much time left in the ring: “I just feel like I have one or two years left in me to do wrestling still. I will always be part of wrestling somehow and will always go watch; maybe help if there’s a place that needs my help, but I don’t see myself wrestling in a ring for very long,” revealed Melina. “Times are changing; things are different. I was always a great character so it’s hard because I am such a babyface on the indies that I can’t be a heel. I miss being a heel.”

Not being able to do the things the younger talents today can: “Everyone is doing all these flips, but yeah, my body can’t take that,” said Melina. “Thank goodness, knock on wood my body is not bad. I don’t have much pain on my ankle like when I had the ankle surgery. I have two plates and six screws on my ankle and that used to hurt a lot, but thanks to therapy and moving my ankle around a lot it’s actually that I feel a lot better, but it’s my knees that are killing me.

“Sometimes they will start clicking and they’re weird so I have to make sure not to do weird stuff because I dislocated it two years ago too. It’s like okay, I’m not as young as I used to be.”

If she’s okay not returning to WWE: “I am okay. Maybe that plays a factor; I don’t know. I am secure in what I have done,” stated Melina. “It’s not until recently where people were looking back at videos and matches that I have had and actually appreciating them or being able to be open about it because it was taboo to like Melina and now people are starting to like it.

“When people tell me that I am going to be in the Hall of Fame, I tell them that it is okay if I am not. I saw Chyna, and Chyna deserved to be in for so long I see that as proof that as someone who is even deserving to be in, I knew she was supposed to be there but she wasn’t and it’s okay.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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