Melina Speaks On Her Time In WWE & How Her Character Affected Her Real Life


Former three-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina Perez recently spoke with The Huffington Post on a few pro-wrestling topics. If you want to read the full interview, click here.

Here are the highlights:

Melina On How Much Her WWE Character Affected Her Real Life:

“I’m proud of that character, then and now, because it was just a character and she was great at being a bi**h, but when it came to my personal life, it felt like everyone around me thought that’s who I was. I just felt so invisible.”

On Working At WWE:

“I talk to people now and they thought I was so confident. I was doing all this awesome stuff onstage, and they didn’t realize I was going through so much loneliness and hurt backstage. It was like high school.”


Just for old times sake:


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