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NewsMick Foley Says Stephanie McMahon Would Help Him In Promos

Mick Foley Says Stephanie McMahon Would Help Him In Promos



Prior to the 2016 WWE Draft, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon were chosen to oversee Monday Night RAW. The two got along well in real life, but played up their conflict onscreen to great effect for the red brand.

Foley and the McMahon family have had their share of ups and downs, but Foley made a surprising admission on his latest Foley Is Pod podcast – Stephanie would help him when he forgot his lines in promos.

The Hardcore Legend stated: “She [Stephanie] expected a lot from herself. Her father [Vince McMahon] expected a lot from her, and she delivered. You never see her mess up a promo. She was there to rescue me when I couldn’t remember what I was doing.”

Stephanie McMahon ended up “firing” Foley from his managerial duties in March 2017. Kurt Angle was brought in to replace Mrs. Foley’s baby boy.

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