MJF Compares Himself To Andre The Giant, Says He’s A Special Attraction


During a recent appearance on “Busted Open Radio”, AEW Superstar MJF compared himself to Andre the Giant in that he’s a special attraction. He also discussed his ongoing feud with CM Punk, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not wrestling often: “Here’s the deal, I only wrestle when it behooves me to wrestle. I find that a lot of guys on the AEW roster are wrestling because they feel they need to impress our fanbase. I don’t have to impress anybody, everybody is already impressed by me. You’re impressed by me the second my music hits. There’s a reason that when my music hits, I get one of the loudest reactions, positive or negative, in all of wrestling. I don’t have to wrestle every single week to make people feel that way to get people excited about me. I’m an attraction. I’m Andre The Giant.”

On his feud with CM Punk: “I’ve already gotten into CM Punk’s head because what I said is true. Is CM Punk undefeated in AEW? Yes. Is that impressive? Absolutely, but I’m waiting for the CM punk of old. I’m waiting for that flicker to switch behind his eyes so I can see the CM Punk of old that I grew up with. Hopefully, I get it. I want it to come out. I was on commentary for him vs. Lee Moriarty. Lee Moriarty is one of the greatest upcoming talents we have to offer on our roster, but he shouldn’t be on CM Punk’s level. CM Punk was struggling against that kid. It’s very interesting and I think it’s all because I’m in his head.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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