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NewsMojo Rawley Reveals What His Starting Salary Was In WWE NXT, More

Mojo Rawley Reveals What His Starting Salary Was In WWE NXT, More



During a recent appearance on the “Shoot Conversations” podcast, former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley revealed what the starting salary was for NXT wrestlers when he was working on the brand, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his starting salary in NXT: “When I talked to them, they were like, ‘We know you’re coming from football. We’re actually giving you a great salary, $39,000. Most guys are at $30,000. So, don’t tell anyone what you’re making because if they find out, they’re going to come for you.’”

On top NXT stars making $1,000 a week: “I think they had the range at the time. it was $600 a week, $750 a week, and top guys were making $1,000. For a newcomer, they were like, ‘We don’t give any newcomers $750, that’s more like the midcard guys.’ We’re going to start you at that tier two. I know Enzo was making $600 when I was there.”

Chris Hero on some people being afraid to speak up to ask for more money in NXT: “There were a couple people making that who were…you get job scared sometimes and there are eggshells and you’re like, ‘I need more to live,’ but you don’t want to speak up. Then it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re doing cuts. This guy spoke up.’ I know there was a little tension.”

On not really having any surprises during his NXT run: “There were no surprises, really. They told me, they were like, ‘You’ll be in NXT for a year, a year and a half max. That’s the average.’ Okay, that sounds good. I can suck up 39 grand for a little bit. They were also like, ‘We’re going to start you, Baron Corbin, and this other guy Brandon Carter [TAC in WWE] together so you guys can protect each other. You’re going to come in as the three football guys and you’re going to have instant heat and they’re going to be mad you got this opportunity and they’re going to try and fight you and jump you. I was like, ‘Man, alright.’”

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