More Backstage News On Shane McMahon’s Departure From WWE


As we previously reported, Shane McMahon has quietly let go by WWE following his role in the men’s Royal Rumble match last Saturday. Shane was brought in as a talent and to help produce the match. It was reported that he received heat backstage for how he conducted himself. As noted, there were plans pitched for him to be a part of the Elimination Chamber match and later wrestle someone at WrestleMania, likely Seth Rollins. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on the situation, including more on how McMahon allegedly acted behind-the-scenes.

McMahon has a history of working on the Royal Rumble match, even back when Pat Patterson was producing them. In 2020 and 2021, he was one of the producers even though he doesn’t work in the role regularly. He sometimes helps backstage when he’s at the tapings. This year, there were complaints about how he reportedly wanted to build the match around himself, and his issues with fellow producer Jamie Noble.


A source said: “Every single story you’ve already heard, multiplied many times over. He was unprofessional the likes of which left VKM (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) no options but to fire him.”

Others stated that he wanted the ending to be built around himself and he wanted to be a “featured player” in the match. He was said to be “visibly very unhappy” when Vince shot down his ideas. He was also accused of being unprofessional to Noble and talking down to others. There were also issues with Shane and Brock Lesnar about the end of the match and Brock is one of the few talents allowed to do what he wants.

This is one of the reasons there was confusion leading up to the match, as talents were told different things throughout the day, from Shane’s ideas, to what Lesnar wanted to do, to eventually what Vince’s plans were. Things changed constantly, as Shane would give an idea, but then Vince would turn down that idea and agree with Lesnar. The only things left in the match that made Shane look good was outstriking former MMA fighter Matt Riddle and throwing out Kevin Owens.

The match was poorly received by fans online and Shane was let go a few days later.

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