More On Bully Ray ‘Going Off’ On A Reporter Yesterday


UPDATE: Yesterday, Bully Ray spoke with Jimmy Stewart of CBS while promoting Slammiversary. During the interview, Stewart claimed to be a big Jeff Hardy fan and called Ray an “average athlete,” which led to Ray going off on the host…

“I’m a much better athlete than you. I’ve been doing this a lot longer than Jeff Hardy has, and I’ve been a lot more successful than Jeff Hardy has. So that must make me a better athlete. I’ve never taken time off; he has, because of his ‘athletic deficiencies’. I’ve never take time off. I’m a warrior of the ring, and I’m instantly offended that you would even – for real, in real life, right now – totally offended that would call me a ‘mediocre athlete’ … I will walk out this door if you’re going to start off this interview by questioning my athletic ability. After all my success you’re going to question my athletic ability? There’s not a damn thing in the wrestling ring that I can’t do, and I bet there’s not one thing you can do.”

ORIGINAL: Bully Ray went “old school” on an interviewer during an interview with CBS Boston after the interviewer, Jimmy Stewart, called him a mediocre athlete right at the start of the interview. You can check it out here.

You can listen to Bully Ray “go off” on the interviewer by clicking here (DOWNLOAD). Clearly, this was scripted but it was very well played.

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