Graphic Credit: Robert DeFelice for eWrestlingNews

More on the Major Creative Re-Writes During Monday Night’s RAW


In an update on the reports that RAW at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York was being re-written as the show was airing on Monday, Dave Meltzer has confirmed that things were very disorganized backstage, saying,

“A lot of things changed while the show was going on. Apparently, backstage it was extremely disorganized, and things were being changed as the show was going on. Matches were changed. And maybe that’s why Baron Corbin got pinned. Who knows?”

RAW in Albany this week featured the introduction of a new WWE Championship called the 24/7 title, which is up for grabs 24/7 and open to every WWE brand.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar also said they will reveal who they will cash in the Money in the Bank contract on next week.

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