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Social media popularity has proved to be a factor in the trajectory of a WWE Superstar’s career in recent years. In line with this trend, WWE showcased the surging fame of Rhea Ripley on TikTok this week, underscoring the significance of these platforms. In light of this, we present to you an exclusive compilation highlighting the most successful WWE Superstars on popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Please note that our list excludes retired WWE Superstars like The Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker, as well as inactive and unassigned stars like Logan Paul and John Cena. While some of the listed Superstars may currently be inactive due to injuries or other factors, they are still considered part of WWE’s active roster.


WWE Superstars

  1. Roman Reigns: 42.3m

    • With an impressive total following, Roman Reigns commands a remarkable presence on social media. He boasts 30 million followers on Facebook, making him the undisputed top WWE Superstar on that platform. On Instagram, Reigns has 7.4 million followers, placing him as a strong contender for the second spot. While his Twitter following is comparatively lower at 4.9 million, it still positions him as a formidable figure, second only to one other WWE Superstar.
    • Reigns, who currently holds the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, recently celebrated a milestone of 1,000 days on SmackDown.
  2. Ronda Rousey: 36.3m

    • Known for her fame in the UFC before joining WWE, Ronda Rousey has a substantial following across all platforms. Her Instagram presence is particularly dominant, with a significantly larger following than her peers with 17 million. On Facebook, Rousey has a strong following that places her at joint number three on our list. However, her Twitter following of 3.3 million suggests her not fully utilizing its potential.
    • Rousey currently holds the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Shayna Baszler and has achieved the distinction of being a Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion, solidifying her status as the 8th Women’s Triple Crown Champion in WWE.
  3. Randy Orton: 30.9m

    • Randy Orton stands out as the only WWE Superstar with over 6 million followers on each major social media platform. On Twitter, Orton is the most popular WWE Superstar with 6.3 million followers. He holds the second spot on Facebook (18 million), with Roman Reigns in the lead. Orton also secures the third spot on Instagram.
    • As a 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Orton’s illustrious career includes numerous title wins and memorable moments. However, concerns about a potential retirement have surfaced due to a back injury that has sidelined him.
  4. Rey Mysterio: 22.7m

    • Rey Mysterio enjoys a significant following on Facebook with 16 million followers, making him joint number three on our list alongside Ronda Rousey. On Instagram, Mysterio has 4.4 million followers, and on Twitter, he has 2.3 million followers. While increasing his fanbase on either of those platforms could help him catch up to Randy Orton, it’s worth noting that as his career winds down, Mysterio may not prioritize such endeavors.
    • This year, Mysterio received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame while still actively competing, a distinction held by only a few. With three WWE World Championships to his name, Mysterio is widely regarded as one of the most popular Lucha Libre stars of all time.
  5. Sheamus: 16.6m

    • Sheamus secures a position in the top five primarily due to his impressive following of 8.6 million on Facebook. While his Instagram following is more modest at 3.3 million, it may come as a surprise that he boasts 4.7 million followers on Twitter, surpassing all others on this list except for Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.
    • As a four-time WWE World Champion and the first Irishman to achieve such a feat, Sheamus has left an indelible mark in WWE. However, he has yet to secure the Intercontinental Championship, the final piece needed to complete his Triple Crown and earn the prestigious Grand Slam accolade.
  6. Seth Rollins: 15.9m

    • Seth Rollins showcases a strong presence across all three major social media platforms. With 7.2 million followers on Facebook, 4.5 million on Instagram, and 4.2 million on Twitter, Rollins effectively engages with his fans. As the number one male WWE Superstar on the Raw brand, he is likely to attract a considerable increase in followers.
    • Recently, Rollins achieved the honor of becoming the inaugural titleholder of the revived WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This accomplishment adds to his extensive list of accolades, which includes two reigns as WWE Champion, two as Universal Champion, victory in a tournament final to become the first-ever NXT Champion, and holding the ROH World Championship, among many others.
  7. Brock Lesnar: 13.4m

    • Known for his preference for privacy, Brock Lesnar maintains a limited presence on social media platforms. As the only WWE Superstar on this list without an official Instagram profile, Lesnar’s social media engagement remains minimal. However, his inclusion on this list is primarily attributed to his substantial following of 12 million on Facebook.
    • Lesnar’s achievements rank among the most impressive in WWE history, with 10 WWE World Championship reigns and the distinction of being the youngest superstar to win the WWE Championship. Additionally, Lesnar has held the UFC Championship and famously ended The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak.
  8. Becky Lynch: 12.8m

    • Becky Lynch emerges as the most followed female WWE Superstar who did not rely on an existing household name platform to amplify her social media presence before joining the company. With a substantial following of 12.8 million across all platforms, Lynch has cultivated a significant fanbase. She has 5.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.3 million on Twitter, and 4.8 million on Facebook.
    • As a 6-time Women’s Champion, Lynch has cemented her place as one of the most accomplished female Superstars in WWE history. Lynch made history by becoming the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships in the main event of WrestleMania.
  9. Alexa Bliss: 11.1m

    • Alexa Bliss secures the number four position on Instagram with an impressive 6.1 million followers, placing her just behind Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Ronda Rousey. However, Bliss has yet to fully leverage the potential of Twitter, with 1.9 million followers, and Facebook, with 3.1 million followers, compared to her counterparts. With increased utilization, Bliss has the potential to surpass Becky Lynch and others on this list.
    • Throughout her career, Bliss has encountered various fortunes but remains an accomplished competitor. She holds an impressive record of 5-time Women’s Champion and 3-time Women’s Tag Team Champion. Bliss recently announced her pregnancy, which will keep her on the sidelines for the remainder of 2023.
  10. The Miz: 11.1m

    • The Miz finds himself in close competition with Alexa Bliss, making it difficult to decide between the number nine or ten position on our list. With involvement in movies and his own reality show, Miz & Mrs, one might expect a larger following. Nonetheless, he maintains a respectable presence. The Miz has 4.1 million followers on Instagram, 3.2 million on Twitter, and 3.8 million on Facebook. This makes him the only male WWE Superstar on the list to excel more so on Instagram than the other platforms.
    • The Miz has consistently held championships throughout his WWE career, including the WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and multiple tag team championships.

While this list has offered insights into the social media popularity of WWE Superstars, it’s important to note that success in the industry goes beyond follower counts. Factors like in-ring performance and other endeavors shape a wrestler’s career trajectory. Nevertheless, active engagement on social media can enhance WWE’s reach and present additional opportunities.

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