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NewsMunicipal Waste Vocalist Says He Was Injured While Working For WWE

Municipal Waste Vocalist Says He Was Injured While Working For WWE



Municipal Waste vocalist Tony Foresta recently spoke with Blabbermouth and revealed that he worked as a backstage runner for WWE during the “ThunderDome” era and wound up blowing out his knee. He said,

“I got a job with WWE. I was working in the ‘ThunderDome’ or whatever it was called. I was in ‘Smackdown’ and ‘RAW’. I was in the bubble with the wrestlers. At first, I was helping in the kitchen, cutting carrots, doing all that stuff. But when WrestleMania came around, I got a gig as a runner. I had my own WWE van. I took laundry to the laundromat and got sh*t for the dressing room and food for everybody. It was f*cking awesome. That’s when I f*cked my knee up for real. The two weeks before WrestleMania, you’re just running, running, running and you’re building this huge stage and all this stuff. I was running all over the place. The week after WrestleMania, we’re breaking everything down and I had a week off, then we were going to get back to it. I got my second Covid shot and then I don’t know what happened; some inflammation or crazy sh*t was happening, but it was a combination [COVID shot and years of wear and tear from jumping around on stage] and my knee exploded. I couldn’t walk for four or five months. Then I finally got the surgery, then that was a whole other timeframe of getting that back.”

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