Must-See Video – Chris Jericho Hilariously Mocks Matt Riddle


UPDATE: Chris Jericho has now responded, posting the following hilarious video mocking Riddle:

ORIGINAL: A Twitter user recently mentioned a bit from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Chris Jericho’s book in which he discusses why young stars calling out veterans isn’t a good look. The fan mentioned that NXT star Matt Riddle should take note of Jericho’s advice.

This led to Jericho retweeting the comment, captioning it with “Listen and learn kid.” This prompted a response from Riddle, who wrote the following:

What’s wrong with these WCW guys? First Goldberg then Booker T and now a really boring wrestler who hates barefoot Bros (Lance Storm) and last but not least Y2J. It’s almost like you all wanna get beat up before you retire “Listen and learn Bros”

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