MVP, Nash & Helms Tweet On The Royal Rumble


MVP, Kevin Nash and Shane “Hurricane” Helms commented on last night’s WWE Royal rumble and rumors that they (MVP and Helms) would be appearing. Here is what they posed on Twitter…

MVP: “It’s humbling & flattering that so many people have expressed a desire to see me back in a WWE ring. Not yet. But thank you. Sincerely!”

Shane Helms: “Loved all the support from my “Twitizens” today. I’ll step in a @WWE ring again one day. Timing is everything.”

Kevin Nash: “Really enjoyed the Rumble, guessed the outcomes. As I’m sure we all did. Great to be a part of the axcess. So great to visit with the Levesques”

As noted earlier here on the website, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and Shane Helms as well as many others were called out to Phoenix, AZ and were told they’d be a part of the Rumble PPV. As always, plans changed and they were “screwed” over. All were backstage at the event and went there earlier in the day thinking they’d be returning in the Rumble match … thus the reason for Helms’ “timing is everything” reference.

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