Natalya Neidhart Reacts To ‘Farting’ On SmackDown


In her very first match on SmackDown, Aksana defeated Natalya in less than ten seconds via roll-up on Friday’s show. After the match, a steamed Natalya locked the Lithuanian grappler in the Sharpshooter, making her tap. Tamina then came to Aksana’s rescue, landing a splash off the top rope onto Natalya.

Prior to the match, a backstage confrontation between Aksana and Natalya led to a very awkward moment as a fart sound was abruptly heard. The “Pin-up Strong” Diva suggested she was guilty of the unexpected bout of flatulence by quickly scurrying out of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long’s room. Aksana then followed Long out of the room, holding her nose. Santino Marella then walked into the room and displayed a horrified reaction to the foul scent.

Despite the embarrassing set of events, Natalya is holding her head up high. She tweeted to her legendary wrestling uncle Bret Hart following the show, “Our visit the other day reminded me that You can’t change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. Positive energy wins.”

She also encouraged her Twitter followers to tweet “Team Natalya” if they believe Aksana and Tamina are cheaters. “Next week Teddy Long is really gonna feel my wrath!” she added.

Natalya is finding humor in the fart episode as she responded “Nice play on words!” to the following fan tweet: “You think youre hot s**t, but you’re really just a warm fart.” The daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart also noted, “Never take yourself too seriously!”

Here is a video of the segment where Natalya ‘farted’:

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