Neville Rumored For ALL IN, Chris Jericho Shoots On Being Heel In NJPW


Now that is has been made official, the self proclaimed, “King of the Cruiserweights” has been released from WWE and can wrestle wherever he pleases. Of course with nothing set in stone, this is only a rumor, but Dave Meltzer reported that we could be seeing Neville at ALL IN this Saturday.

“He should probably debut at All In. The place would go crazy. I have 2 schools of thought. 1 would be to announce him during the week you know because you want a big bit of news during the week of the show to pump up the pay-per-view. But there’s also a part of me that just goes, ‘is he really going to make a difference in buys?’ He may.”

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Y2J recently appeared on Wrestling Ovserver Radio where he spoke about the percs of being Chris Jericho. The fact that he can pretty much wrestle wherever he wants is among the biggest positive of being Jericho, but his interview covered more than just independently wrestling. Jericho mostly talked about what working heel in Japan was like.

Y2J retells a story that NJPW wanted him to wear his light up jacket for his match with Naito, however, Jericho refused because he thought it was too flashy.

“When I did the Naito thing with the makeup and stuff and when I worked with Kenny he’s such a crazy character I thought these shorts with sparkles and rhinestones on them it doesn’t match. The light-up jacket, I don’t feel them anymore. When I went to do the Naito match in Osaka, New Japan wanted me to wear the light-up jacket and I said I can’t. I don’t feel it anymore. They were like, ‘we really want you to do it.’ I’m like, ‘I’m sorry it doesn’t feel right. What felt right was wearing long black pants and you know putting some makeup on and a fricken fedora, I don’t know why it’s just what I felt like at the time.”

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