Graphic Credit: Robert DeFelice for eWrestlingNews

New Details on WWE’s Deal with FOX: NXT on FS1, World Series Preempts SD


According to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, SmackDown will be airing on FOX 51 weeks of the year. The show will be preempted one week due to the World Series. There is a possibility that this particular episode will be put onto FS1 for the week.

In other news about WWE’s deal with FOX, there is an idea to air NXT on FS1 in a head-to-head manner against AEW on TNT. While there is no certainty that move will be made, the weekly talk show with Renee Young as its host will for sure air on FS1.

FOX wants to present WWE as a sport. Of course, not in the sense that WWE is legitimate competition, but rather a choreographed sport with a heavily athletic presentation.

Part of the FOX advertisement for WWE SmackDown is going to be an hour-long launch special in late September to introduce the audience to the WWE product. Also in September, they will begin promoting the 20th anniversary of SmackDown. FOX is also planning a digital primer, where viewers can get a behind-the-scenes look at the product, which will teach viewers inside terms.

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