Wednesday, June 19, 2024
NewsNew WWE Call-Ups Have Not Received New Contracts - Details

New WWE Call-Ups Have Not Received New Contracts – Details



According to a report provided by Fightful, some new WWE Superstars who have recently been called up to the main roster from NXT have not received new contracts as of yet. In most cases, wrestlers who start appearing on RAW or SmackDown get higher pay, instead of what they make as part of the ‘developmental’ brand.

Many of the wrestlers are also working lighter schedules than they were in NXT before the pandemic started. Obviously, that’s because WWE can’t have live events right now so their shows are limited to what they tape every other week.

The likelihood of offering new contract deals or extensions on current deals is unlikely until things return back to normal. WWE doesn’t know what their schedule will be when that happens or if live events will even return outside of TV.

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