NFL Player Attacks CM Punk Over Twitter


Shawn Merriman has gone after CM Punk over Twitter again. Merriman, who says he’s a friend of Chris Brown’s, had a previous feud with Punk over Twitter when Punk mocked him for trying and failing to hook up with one of the Divas while WWE was in Costa Rica. Merriman posted the following:

Fuck C.M. Punk, he’s still a punk forever in my book. I’m sure my supporters feel the same way… And WWE, I ain’t hosting y’all new network until somebody whoop C.M. Punk cuz he’s a p$ssy.

Serious, who the fuck is C.M. Punk other than a soft butt…wrestling gone soft f off… If god is my witness, C.M. Punk was wearing a thong laying by the pool tanning his cheeks in Costa Rica, now tell me I’m lying… C.M. Punk wants no part of Lights, trust me…

And WWE, I ain’t hoting sh#t until C.M. is dethroned… I ain’t a hater at all, but if you like dudes tanning by the pool (in) a thong that’s cool. I think he had pillows under his stomach.

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