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NewsNick Dinsmore Comments On How The Eugene Character Was Created

Nick Dinsmore Comments On How The Eugene Character Was Created



Former WWE star Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore recently spoke with Argus Leader to promote his wrestling school in Sioux Falls. Here are the highlights.

On what drew him to wrestling:

“It was something that hooked me as a kid. It was the lights and the colors and the matching outfits, the athleticism, the running … there was something beyond the sport of it,” Dinsmore said.

On Rip Rogers, who was an OVW trainer in 2004, coming up with the Eugene character:

“He said, ‘What do you think about a guy who can’t put a square peg in a square hole and can’t socialize with girls, but the minute the bell rings, he can do stuff he’s seen on TV perfectly?’ ” Dinsmore said. “Eight months later, I was sitting in this meeting with (WWE CEO) Vince McMahon, and he says, ‘I want to get back to character-based wrestling,’ and this character came out of my mouth. He said, ‘Great, you start on Monday.’”

You can read the entire interview here.

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