Nick Khan Suggests More Premium Live Event Features On The Horizon


Co-WWE CEO Nick Khan spoke up during WWE’s second quarter results call earlier today to detail the company’s progress and its successes. It looks like WWE’s premium live event schedule will be adding some new features in the future.

Khan pointed to the success of The Undertaker’s “1 DeadMan Show” during SummerSlam weekend. He said, “The [1 Deadman Show] event sold out. We announced a second Undertaker 1 DeadMan Show for Friday, September 2, in Cardiff, Wales. That event sold out in three hours. Look for more of this from us.”

More specifics were not provided on the call as far as live event scheduling goes, but the company’s revenue growth continues at a startling clip. WWE reported earnings of $328.2 million for the second quarter of 2022. The company is looking to expand into further live event and consumer product realms, as well.

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