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Nick Wayne And His Mother Detained In Iceland Following Bomb Threat On Plane



According to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, Nick Wayne and his mother, Shayne Edwards, were detained in Iceland after a suspected bomb threat on their plane ride back to Wayne’s home in Seattle, Washington. The wrestler was flying back home following his debut in PROGRESS Wrestling this past Sunday when it was found that someone wrote a bomb threat on the bathroom mirror.

Bryan Alvarez provided more details regarding the situation. Local police have conducted a search of all carry-on items and personal belongings. Alvarez stated that authorities questioned Wayne’s mother because it was thought her makeup kit was connected to the ominous message inside the bathroom.

Alvarez added, “Apparently, his mother was interrogated for quite a while because she had like an eyeliner or something of that nature, and obviously it had been scrawled in eyeliner or makeup on the bathroom mirror. So, she was in a panic, and they’re still in Iceland as of 50 minutes ago.” Alvarez went on to say that passengers have no idea when they can return home. He stated, “Essentially, everyone on the flight is being treated as if they are guilty, and it’s a pretty harrowing situation.”

Additionally, Air Live reported that all 266 passengers were sent to a “shed” guarded by police with MP5s. The report added that the passengers were allowed to use the bathroom.

Nick Wayne last wrestled at Sunday’s PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 136 event. The event was held in London.

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