Nikki Cross says She’s “Free”, Cuts a Promo Pointing to the WrestleMania 35 Sign


WWE posted the following video prior to this week’s WWE SmackDown! Live broadcast, featuring Nikki Cross cutting a promo while looking at the WWE WrestleMania 35 sign prior to tonight’s WWE SmackDown! Live TV tapings. She said,

“Everyone’s always pointing to that sign, they are always pointing at that sign. They always point. They point, point, point, they point. Nikki doesn’t want to point to the sign, Nikki wants to be on the sign. How do I get up there?! Nikki wants to sit on that sign. Perch up there, looking down at everyone. Everyone always looked down at Nikki. Everyone always looked down, everyone stifled Nikki. Nikki wasn’t free and now Nikki’s free. Nikki gets to sprint down that ramp. Nikki gets to sprint down that ramp, sprint towards that ring, and I’m free. No one’s ever going to hold her down again.”

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