NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Announced, New Championship Matches


During the latest episode of NXT UK, WWE announced the first-ever NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament. The tournament will kick off for the NXT UK restart on next week’s episode.This will be an 8-man single elimination tournament. Seven of the eight entrants have already been announced. They include: Noam Dar, Alexander Wolfe, Flash Morgan Webster, A Kid, Dave Mastiff, Trent Seven, and Joseph Conners. The mystery eighth entrant will be announced next week.

All the matches in the tournament will be held under British rounds rules and will go as follows:

* 6 three-minute rounds
* 20 second breaks between rounds
* 2-out-of-3 falls
* A pinfall, submission or count out will count as one fall
* The round ends once a fall occurs
* A victory is declared after winning 2 falls
* A DQ or KO ends the match
* Whoever leads after 6 rounds wins

Kay Lee Ray will defend the her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Piper Niven on September 24th.. On September 17th, NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey will defend the titles against Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.

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