​Original WWE Payback Plans For Daniel Bryan & Batista


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Batista is currently only scheduled for Extreme Rules, followed by
the WWE RAW and SmackDown tapings in Albany, NY and Buffalo, NY. After that he
will take time off to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. WWE knew he was leaving
for that reason but this is earlier than the company expected.

The original plan was for Batista to face Daniel Bryan at WWE
Payback in June. Batista turned it down because he didn’t think losing to
someone as small as Bryan would help him be remembered when he comes back. He
also didn’t think it would be good to help promote his movie. Of course, Batista
has already lost to Daniel Bryan, as he tapped out to the Yes Lock at
WrestleMania XXX.

Since Batista turned the Payback plans now, there are no other
plans in place and that’s probably why he will leave earlier than planned. There
is no word on how this will affect Evolution. Batista is set to return before

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