​Paul Bearer’s Son Discusses His Father Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame, & More


Paul Bearer’s son DJ recently spoke with The Mike Roycroft Show, here are the

On growing up with a backstage pass to the WWE during the Attitude
“Most of the time it was during the summer because dad would
bring home an itinerary with (a map of) the United States on it and make us
close our eyes and pick where we were going to go for that summer, and it would
be a 4-6 day tour. We’d go and hang out with the boys and stay there all day,
just meeting people and getting to know them. These people are friends of my
dad, it’s not just employees and co-workers, it’s friends. Guys would take kids
under their wing. I remember this very vividly: when Mr. Perfect was alive, Edge
and Christian would take Joe (Hennig aka Curtis Axel) under their wing. Seeing
guys like that….they’re on the road all the time knowing they’re hurt, they’re
worn down and and they don’t want to go to the next city, but they’re still
upbeat and wanting to do what they love. It’s the brotherhood between the

On inducting his father into the WWE Hall Of Fame on WrestleMania
weekend with his brother:
“Busy, busy, busy weekend….we didn’t have
time for ourselves at all. We were either in the hotel sleeping or we were at
the arena or rehearsing or doing something. It was more walk-through than
anything because with it being Wrestlemania 30, they want everything perfect so
they’re going to go through it a million times and make sure everything’s right
for TV. But what an emotional weekend….what an honor it was, what a weekend it

On re-connecting with Ultimate Warrior during that
“The thing about Warrior is, he would remember stuff that you
would have no clue (about), that you don’t even think about. He would say,
‘Yeah, I remember you two boys running down the hallway yelling Taker,
Taker…’, and I’m just thinking to myself, I was only 4 or 5 years old at the
time. But he was giving his condolences to us about dad, talking about how
friendly dad was, how great a guy he was in the locker room and with fans and
with his on-screen character. That was a pretty cool experience. (Later) I get a
text message saying that Warrior died, and I said, I just talked to him 2 days
before he died, looked him in his face.”

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