Paul Heyman Believes Gable Steveson Can Become A Household Name


During a recent interview with The Athletic, Paul Heyman commented on amateur wrestler/Olympian Gable Steveson and whether he can win a gold medal, and more. He said,

“Coming home with a gold medal would be a platform from which Gable Steveson could become a household name. As an entertainer, he understands that athleticism is not enough. He has to convey his message. He has to razzle-dazzle the audience in a manner that other great athletes cannot compete with. There are great boxers and UFC fighters who can’t sell a pay-per-view or a stream or a ticket, and there are those like Connor McGregor who have lost their past several fights and will still be the biggest box office attraction because they understand the entertainment aspect of it. When you merge a champion with an entertainer, you have a legendary career that also is huge box office. That’s Gable Steveson.”


Steveson was sitting in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. His brother, Bobby Steveson, is currently training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

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