Paul Heyman Denies Helping Brock Lesnar With Promos


Paul Heyman has responded to Mark Madden’s previously-reported claim that he has been helping Brock Lesnar with his promos. Heyman denied it, tweeting:

As flattered as I am by the notion, I have nothing to do with #BrockLesnar’s @WWE promos.

Believe it or not, @WWE got it right … in a BIG way … with that #DeathClutch promo last week on #Raw

I’d love to take even a tiny bit of the credit for that promo, but it all belongs to @WWE and Brock himself!

I will, however, be happy to take a little credit for co-writing Brock’s autobiography #DeathClutch

The original story started when Mark Madden claimed that Paul Heyman was helping Brock Lesnar with his WWE promos since his return. Madden reported that Heyman also helped Lesnar with speaking in the UFC and his first WWE run.

Heyman was not rehired by the company, and there are no plans to bring him in.

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