Paul Heyman Discusses his Famous Shoot-Style Promo on Vince McMahon


Paul Heyman discussed in an interview with Inside the Ropes his famous shoot-style promo on Vince McMahon on Smackdown during the Invasion storyline.

Here are some of the highlights: 

“Vince is on the plane and the funny thing was, just like with Mick Foley, he was legitimately just sitting there eating fruit or something, and he just goes over and goes, ‘Wanna rip me an asshole ye fucking wide?’ Figuratively, not literally. And it had been awhile since I had done one of those ECW-style shoot promos. My response, ‘Do you want me to rip you an asshole ye wide? As this guy over here found out, I’m the guy to do it. Want me to shoot? I’ll shoot. OK. How far can I go?’ ‘As much as you can to draw me money.’ ‘OK, that I can do.’”

“To his credit, I’ll give him a ton of credit, I went up to Vince halfway through the day and said, ‘Do you even know some of the shot I’m going to say to you?’ And he goes, ‘Nope. Draw me money.’ OK. ‘Are you going to say anything back to me?’ ‘Nope. Just draw me money.’”

“So we were in gorilla, and I was about to go out to cut the promo and I looked over at Vince who is eating a protein bar and I said, ‘You sure you don’t want to know any of the shit I’m gonna say here? Some of this shit is real heavy.’ ‘Will it draw me money?’ ‘It’ll get a lot of attention, Vince, that I promise you.’ ‘It’s the go home show, goddamnit, bring it!’ ‘Yessir, captain! I’m on my way!’”

H/T to 411 Mania

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