Paul Heyman Talks: WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar & His New DVD


Paul Heyman recently spoke with Phil Strum of The Poughkeepsie Journal to promote WrestleMania 30. Check out the highlights down

What is his new DVD


“I really don’t know much about it. I’m sure WWE has
been trying to dig up a lot of dirt on me. You don’t have to dig too hard. It
will be a snapshot of Paul Heyman at 48 years old, which would be a different
look than if he was 38 years old and a different look from when he was 28 years
old. If you did this documentary 10 years from now when I am 58, that would be
a far different look at me. It’s a look at Paul Heyman at this stage of his
career, begrudgingly reflecting on what he has accomplished so far and very
much passionately looking forward to future things to accomplish in the next
stage of his career.”

What makes Brock
Lesnar vs. The Undertaker a must-see match?

First of all, The Undertaker’s undefeated streak is the most
intriguing plot and storyline going into WrestleMania because it has the most
historical significance and the greatest long-ranging ramifications into the
future at the same time.

It behooves us to acknowledge when Brock Lesnar defeats The
Undertaker at WrestleMania, it will take nothing away from the enormity of the
accomplishment of 21 consecutive wins in 21 appearances on the grandest stage
of all. Not Stone Cold Steve Austin, not John Cena, not Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson, not Hulk Hogan or Andre The Giant, not even Brock Lesnar, can ever be
able to claim they are 21-0 at WrestleMania.

I think the magnitude of the accomplishment can never be
undersold. It’s also quite intriguing that we have a situation where Brock
Lesnar does not have to win, but The Undertaker must not lose.

Do you think the fans
are being listened to and what’s different about today’s live crowds than even
a few years ago?

This WrestleMania is being built around not only The
Undertaker’s undefeated streak going against Brock Lesnar, who, with all
humility, is represented by the most articulate salesman for a match in
modern-day WWE, but it’s being built around the intrigue of Daniel Bryan vs.
Triple H with the caveat that if Daniel Bryan can survive the onslaught of the
company COO, he’ll be inserted into what was already promoted as the main event
of WrestleMania between the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton and the
guaranteed No. 1 contender, Batista.

If so much of this WrestleMania is being built around the
intrigue of if Daniel Bryan can get into the match and he’s facing his mortal
enemy, Triple H, he’ll perhaps get involved again in the quest for a
championship, someone please tell me how the fans are not being listened to.
What are the fans screaming for that they are not getting delivered?

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