PJ Black Says He’s Pitched A New Character To WWE


PJ Black recently pitched a new idea to WWE, though it received less than glowing reviews from those in the company.

Black competed for years in WWE as Justin Gabriel, and in addition to being part of the original NXT, was part of the Nexus and later the Corre.


During a recent interview with PWmania, Black was asked about a possible return to WWE and discussed his pitched idea. He said,

“I did show them [WWE] this new character I’ve been working on and I sent them the package. I sent it to all the writers, the producers, and everyone I know that works there. And you know, it’s kind of mixed reviews. Everyone’s like, ‘Interesting. I really want to see what’s next.’ Some people were like ‘Wow, there’s so much we could do with it.’ Because there are so many layers to unpack.”

Outside of WWE, the South African-American wrestler has competed in TNA/Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, the NWA, Ring of Honor, and other promotions.

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