Possible Match For WWE Hell In A Cell


WWE Hell in a Cell takes place on Sunday, June 20, 2021 in Tampa, Florida at Yuengling Center on Peacock. 

Cesaro and Seth Rollins have been feuding on WWE television for the past few months. Cesaro said he looks forward to beating Rollins at Hell in a Cell while speaking to Sportskeeda’s Amar Anand

“I’d like to say we (Cesaro and Seth Rollins) had very similar journeys getting to this point. How we got there is different. He kind of stabbed everybody in the back, as we’ve seen with The Shield, to get to where he wanted. I kind of tried to take the… you know, keep my integrity intact to get where I am at. It will be awesome to beat him again at Hell in a Cell and beat some sense into him. I, for one, know that the Seth Rollins I knew will be awesome to have back on the roster. This new guy with the crazy suits, that can go away (laughs).

WWE has yet to announce the match. 

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