Powerhouse Hobbs Comments On Possibly Breaking Away From ‘Team Taz’ One Day


AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs recently appeared on the “Wrestling Perspective” podcast and commented on his future goals in AEW, possibly breaking away from “Team Taz”, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On one day departing Team Taz: “There’s gonna be a point where I’m gonna have to step away on my own, you know? Who knows when that will happen … I’m having fun, so I don’t know what that next step is gonna be. It’s just gonna happen.”

On his aggressive side: “What I’m doing now is kind of what I was doing on the independent scene, but now it’s just on a bigger, national, worldwide platform. I’m happy with what I’m doing, it’s me. Of course, being in Team Taz with Ricky Starks and HOOK, and having Taz in our corner, is letting me add my own personal, little seasoning to the mix.”

On wanting to make history: “The task right now is for Ricky Starks and me to beat the living hell out of Jurassic Express and take those tag titles. That’s the goal right now. But eventually, I will be TNT Champion. A personal goal of mine is to be the first African-American AEW World Champion. I know how to fight and I know what it’s like to starve and struggle. Any title I get, it’s gonna be hell for anybody to take that away from me.

“But I plan on being a big name and being around for a long time. That has always been my goal, ever since I wanted to become a professional wrestler. I want people to remember me and when they say, ‘Oh, who’s the baddest mf’er?’ I want my name to come up.”

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